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The СШР wiki is an open collaborative wiki for worldbuilding the SShR setting in the 51st millennium. The СШР has emerged less than 2,000 years ago as the largest single civilization in the galaxy on an artificial world. Humanity is in the middle of a second galactic dark age with millions of fledgling civilizations redeveloping along the wrong path.

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The СШР Wiki is a collaborative worldbuilding project that anyone can join.

The year 50,000

In the year 50k, tens of millions of Nordic worlds are redeveloping advanced civilization since the second galactic collapse 5,000 years ago. Most of them are developing a long a terrible path that preaches scientific enlightenment as religion and encourages the merging of biology and machines in the name of convenience that will only result in technocratic tyranny. The highest goal of the technocrats is comfort at the expense of freedom. While the progressives of the СШР have been dedicated to advancing trans rights, they have explicitly forbidden any merging of biology and machines and have chosen to transition through biological enhancements.

The СШР has existed since 48,776 and has been the only spark of liberal republicanism in the galaxy. They have provided an outstanding level of tolerance toward former tsarist conservatives who constantly threaten to destroy all progress and frequently win the popular vote in elections. In the current times, the tensions have escalated and there is a strong possibility that conservatives will take the majority. The only outcomes will be a second revolution or the long slow death of liberalism as progressives sit back and hope for legal victories.

The greatest external threat to the СШР is the Coalition to restore sanity, a collection of hundreds of thousands of technocratic worlds that have unified to stop Shturmovik expansion into Nordic worlds and to push back and destroy the people they see as ignorant and backward who promote "irrational superstition."